Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Nevada?

Well, the Technology golem is near finished, ready to step into the world to usher in a new reign of terror with it's splattering blades, spurting weapons and hideous bulk, my one weapon to begin my glorious crusade against your world! Well, at least until it's done. Yes, apparently the spells I have prepared to give this being unholy LIFE! take some time to prepare, a week AT LEAST! Oh well, I guess I can wait, and hope the Shapeshifter doesn't screw it up.

And anyway, I'm sure that all my readers (Yes, all one of you) would like to know why I'd want to pick Nevada as the state I'd conquer. Well, the thing is, every evil leader needs an evil country to command, a "Mordor" in your terms if you will, to strike fear into the hearts of his foes who come to slay him in this inhospitable wasteland! And everything I have read about the place says that Nevada is a windswept desert where little life survives, where water exists in rare quantities and that will soon become completely inhospitable for life once the least drop of water disappears! The perfect place for an overlord such as myself!

But also, here's what makes it a "must-conquer" for me! Every evil overlord needs an evil city, a place so wicked and vile that even the most wretched hive sof scum and villainy would be horrified to look upon it! And the exemplar of that city in your world, my peons, is Las Vegas from where I will rule on a neon throne! And plus, the buffets sound delicious.

Now I must go, for I think I hear the Shapeshifter sneaking up upon my golem.

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