Saturday, October 23, 2010

Several things,

Well, first off, I must announce that I finally have had somebody comment on here. Yay. And I wanted to mention a few things he brought up. He mentioned a storage unit to hold the Golem to keep the cops from looking in, and while that sounds tolerable, I think that an extra-big bag-o-holding would do the job much better. Hopefully I can get to making one this weekend.

And on the question of "Why can't I just raise an army of the dead to storm the living world," I must confess something. I am not a very good necromancer. Lichhood isn't really obtained in my world by using necromancy, but rather by screwing with healing energies in just a right way that it separates yet still leaves a connection between the soul and the body. In fact, most Necromancers mocked me for my lichhood, as their preferred method of necromantic ascension involved, and I quote the Sorceress on this, "massive, bloated, Im-not-compensating-for-anything titans of bad meat". Of course, when I used rotting magic to turn them from unholy terrors to the stuff that the custodians clean out of the privy-tank, they weren't laughing anymore, the filthy fucks. Of course, that's not to say I'm not skilled with other forms of magic. It took a lot of skill to put my phylactery into it's hiding spot, and to get it to teleport me where I died so that I didn't get stuck in said hidey-hole. And if any potential do-gooders want to know where it is so that you may slay me, HAVE FUN DEFEATING THE TARRASQUE YOU FUCKERS!

Sorry, lost my cool for a bit of a second there. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was demons. But I am sleepy now, so quite frankly I would like to go to bed, and you can wait for the scoop on demons in the morning.

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