Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miscelaney because I'm bored

Well, I've just sent off another two of the "boys" (specifically one of the Gnolls with a Drow escort) to collect on my "payment" from the downtown area, with some feature-obscuring spells and one of your "guns" borrowed from one of the Manos Locos. God damn, I need to buy one of those things for myself someday, maybe put a few enchantments on it. Beats those fucking swords, that's for sure. I do not quite understand why your culture idolizes the sword so much when, from what I've seen, the gun works way better. I mean, it's a mini cannon for Grazzit's sake! I would have razed continents for the schematics to one!

Also, on the profits to be gained from the coming ventures, apparently with your paper money, one has to "launder" it so that nobody knows that it was stolen, exchange it for money that wasn't stolen. It's not like in my world where you can just, I don't know, MELT DOWN the gold you took. Of course, I'm going to make an artifact to do it, but I don't get that. And apparently you can't even melt down the spare change, or so the Sorceress told me.

The Ur-Elemental has been making great progress on his work, by which I mean there have been several explosions coming from his room. Apparently he's been working with "Alaki metals" which are metals that explode when exposed to air. Apparently he's been trying to work around the "explodes with air"thing, and judging by the stains on the wall he hasn't been doing very well. Still, I do love the concept. That, and I wish I could show it to the alchemists at the Bleak Academy to rub it in their snooty little faces the one thing they haven't tried to make, but that's neither here nor there.

Well, I have to be leaving. I think I hear the Trogre chewing on one of my men. Why in god's name do they always have to jump the fence?! Adieu filthy peons!

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